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I have been inspired by many Artists in my life. Every Artist will have been. I wanted to share some of those that have had an impact on me and why.
In 2000 I went on an amazing holiday with my new boyfriend, now my husband, Gary, to America. For part of that trip we went to Yosemite, there I came across the Ansel Adams Gallery. https://www.anseladams.com I'd seen his work before specialising in photography, I had to specialise eventually, but I had only seen his work in books. I loved the beautiful shades of black and white. His images seem quite moody and dark but always had a brightness where he captured the light beautifully. 
Another great photographer I love, a little bit more local is Simon Kitchin,  https://www.landscapephotographyuk.com The clarity of his images are amazing, his images are black and white and colour. He captures the wonderful scenery of Snowdonia better than any photographer here. Have a look at his work. 
I said I love all types of art and create images in many different materials, pastel being one of my favourites. I was lucky enough to be invited onto a pilot workshop run by Dave Roberts a renowned and award winning Pastel Artist here in North Wales  https://www.daverobertsartist.com/about  I had great fun on his workshop and created
                                                               I created this pastel work 
                                                               a while after the workshop
                                                               inspired by the workshop.
some great pieces under his tutalidge. Another artist I came across on a workshop run by the Snowdonia Society    https://www.snowdonia-society.org.uk  inspired me to go back to ink and charcoal, something I hadn't used for awhile. Her name was
Tessa Lyons. http://www.tessalyons.co.uk   Combining pastel ink and charcoal helped me create some interesting images, maybe i'll go back to these.
There are many more Artists I have been inspired by too many to mention. Have a look at some of these websites see what you think. 
Dave Robert Workshop b.jpg
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