Needle felting pictures I have been working on over winter

I am constantly collecting images via photos I take or drawings I make from trips around Snowdonia and North Wales, to inspire my new creations both in needle felting and photo manipulated images.  Occasionally photos come from family and friends who take an image they think will be great for me too, I love that they are thinking about me.

Message me if you are interested in any of the new images,

or if you have an image you would like creating in wool

Recent walks and exploration

You think you know an area and then you stop and look in a little bit closer, maybe somewhere you drive past regularly on the way to that great walk. While friends and family visited over New Year we looked for places to show them. They were only with us a short time and wanted to see the best views, a question we get from guests visiting our B&B. Driving through Llanberis pass on the way to Dinorwig, we stopped. The rain had created waterfalls everywhere as it does. The rain had stopped so we walked to get a better picture of the waterfall, as I did a herd of mountain goats trotted by crossing the waterfall, all in a row. They have some impressive horns. I videoed their crossing as I did I saw a track following the road and so found new views of Llanberis pass. Thank you to the mountain goats and the rain.

Snowdon Horseshoe, Snowdonia, Noth Wales

Snowdon Horseshoe.  When the snow covers the mountains you just have to get out and see them. Snow isn't just white, the light creates a multitude of colours reflected in it.

Tryfan, Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia

Tryfan a monster of a mountain for the serious climber. Ogwen valley a beautiful valley every day of the year, always lots of drama.

Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia, North Wales
Llanberis Pass and some of those beautiful exaggerated colours.
Trearrddur Bay, Anglesey, North Wales

Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. An image I play with a lot. I love to create the waves and water. Locks seem to work really well for this.

LLanddwyn Island, Newborough, Anglesey, North Wales
Llanddwyn Island at Newborough on Anglesey. If you haven't been you really must, another favourite place of ours. Do check tide times when walking to the island. Take a picnic you will want to stay a while. Or go on windy day and watch the Kite surfers.
Paddy, 'Max out in the lake District' Springer Spaniel
You may recognise this gorgeous spaniel if you follow Max out in the Lake District on Facebook. Paddy . This isn't for sale I just loved the photo and thought it would look amazing in wool. I have sent them an image of this. I hope they like it too.
Original Sold Prints available
Original Sold Prints available
Laburnum Arch, Bodnant Gardens, North wales
Laburnum Arch at Bodnant Gardens. Always worth waiting for and booking your holidays to see it at it's best in late May. Keep an eye on the Laburnum watch on Bodnant Gardens facebook page
More coming soon

I'm keeping this one as I love it so much but I can make one just for you

Original Sold Prints available

Original Sold Prints Available
More sea pictures coming soon
Harlech Beach near Barmouth Beach North wales
Harlech Beach from the drive to Barmouth, yes another favourite place of ours.

In the dark days of winter I look back at images I've taken in summer and Autumn. I wanted to play with some of the beautiful warm wools I had just bought and exaggerate the colours of the mountains.

Original Sold Prints available
Original Sold Prints available
Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, North Wales

Trearddur Bay Anglesey .
Yns Môn
One of my favourite places